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Reporting on ebola can be scary, but one newsman in particular just can’t handle the fear. 

Doctors originally suspected it was viral marketing for Dumb and Dumber To.

Doctors originally suspected it was viral marketing for Dumb and Dumber To.



Every parent has to have “the talk” at some point.  And by “the talk” we mean explaining Israel and Palestine. 


Get to Know a Digital Team: Pocketwatch


UCB Comedy’s Digital Teams deliver hilarious videos to our YouTube channel every weekday. Today, meet one of them: Pocketwatch, our pop culture and political sketch team. We asked them some questions about dealing with sensitive content, pissing off gun owners, and working fast.

POCKETWATCH is Erik Tanouye, Cody Lindquist, Timothy Dunn, Jerah Milligan, Johnathan Fernandez, Aaron Burdette, Kerry McGuire, Caroline Haubold, Evan Greenspoon, Ed Mundy, Kristopher Knight, Juliet Werner, Michelle Ciotta, Trevor Williams, Dan De Lorenzo, Carina Jollie, Lee Chin. Their videos appear on UCB Comedy every Monday. 


Can you describe how you plan for and execute topical videos on such a fast timeline? 

Michelle Ciotta: For the most part, we’ve been releasing a video every week, which is definitely a challenge. We have a list of topical events (movie releases, award shows, TV premieres, etc) and see if we can put together videos that correspond to those.  A big part of the challenge, though, is that we don’t want to do a Hunger Games sketch, for example, if we don’t have anything to say about the Hunger Games.  We try to have a specific point of view. 

Ed Mundy: Once a month, we plan a quick turnaround video that’s conceptualized on a Thursday, written on Friday, shot on Saturday, edited on Sunday, and released on Monday. As long as nothing important happens on the weekend, we can deliver a really up-to-date response to a current event that way. The rest of our videos are created over a longer period of time, and if they end up seeming super topical, we all give each other high fives, because we tricked you.

Johnathan Fernandez: We have a vast google doc that is literally just events that we know will take place in the future near and far.

Aaron Burdette: We have to stay on top of the stories down to the minute, because any slight change in the story could affect our satirical viewpoint. With our Ferguson video, the script kept changing all the way up until Saturday morning when we started filming it. The Ferguson Police kept releasing new information in an attempt to take back the narrative, and it changed which jokes actually worked in the script. We had to change several of the slides in the FBI Agent’s presentation because the new information forced us to call the Ferguson PD out for totally new and different screw-ups that took precedence over their previous ones. 

Ferguson Police Training: Who to Shoot? | by Pocketwatch

Kristopher Knight: It’s a whirlwind, but it’s how we can immediately respond to something that’s happened in the news. We couldn’t do any of our sketches without having such a balanced team. There are 17 of us; someone will be able to get it done.

Lee Chin: It is a really supportive group we have, and there are a lot of us, all with really diverse backgrounds in media production so we can always help out where others are not as comfortable. That is probably our biggest asset, each other. I personally think that is the reason why we are so good at delivering on such a fast timeline, we’re super-cohesive as a unit.

Michelle Ciotta: It’s a blessing that we have quite a few editors on the team so you only have to do one once every few months. They’re exhilarating, though, to know you could be responding to something that literally just happened and are putting out a final, polished product in just a few days.

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See it in theaters before it’s …. gone.

See it in theaters before it’s …. gone.

YES Network: RE2PECT - A Goodbye to Derek Jeter



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The State Department is really hurting for funds when it comes to Iraq.

The NFL is really not doing a good job of answering domestic violence questions.